What’s the point?

Feminism is a big ol’ word. Packed into three syllables is a complex mesh of human rights, economics, identity, politics, history and future.

Often when people crack out the F word it’s as a shorthand for stern, strident women campaigning for major change and uprooting old systems. And whether it’s about the pay gap, domestic violence or prostitution, we need this heavyweight feminism as much as we ever did.

But we’re probably going to leave that to the professionals.* Here, we want to talk about the whole spectrum of things to do with being a woman – or man – today. Whether it’s dodgy attitudes in the office, media coverage that would have looked outdated in the 1950s, or fashion that effectively revives footbinding, we want a place to voice (mostly) amused indignation. Or, occasionally, downright ire and wrath. We’d love to hear your thoughts too.

This is an open space. We won’t always agree with each other, and we don’t expect you to agree with us all the time either. Mostly we just want to chat about things, and we’d love it if you joined in too.

*Well, only probably. No promises.


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